Hello All! A few months ago I have upgraded my site from a free site to a personal website! As my craft and teaching expand so does my Internet profile. Please check out my website http://jessicacrystaljoy.com/ for my most recent blogs, where you can see my speak next, and any information regarding healing and upgrading your life! […]

One of the most important ways to reduce stress in your life is to be flexible and open to change, especially when new opportunities or events show up that might not have been in your original plan. Part of being a spiritual coach for me means practicing what I teach in my personal life and […]

  One of the results that my clients receive from my coaching session is an upgrade of choice in their life. Being relaxed and fully present to their emotions allows them to see more than one choice they can follow in their careers, their relationships, their spiritual growth, and their overall well being. Apart of […]

Hello community! I currently have openings for 10 people to sign up for a free hour call to find their next quantum leap. This free call is valued at 99 dollars and includes these 5 benefits and more:1.Clarity of where you are at now2.Clarity on what is keeping you from being fully relaxed and in […]

One of the things I love to do is exchange my services with other professionals. I am able to experience others talents, see how others set up their sequencing and pace, and I get to connect and build friendships with really cool people with varying personalities. Yesterday I had a fabulous opportunity to provide a […]

Hello readers, Thank you for taking your time to view my site. My name is Jessica Crystal Joy and I am a spiritual coach and speaker based in Kingwood, Texas.  I work with all types of people and my main focus is to work with women.  The people I work with have a strong desire […]