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Thank you so much, Jessica. I really enjoyed the session and look forward to future sessions. Today I did some breathing such as described in our work together and found it to be very calming and relaxing (while I was in the car, since driving tends to be an anxiety-inducing activity). N.S., Kingwood, TX, Massage Therapist


Youtube video testimonial Parts 1 and 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbouT8Nhdoc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVpSy_U9RaE Jessica Crystal Joy these are for YOU beloved! I wish I had some cool slide show or something, but it was all I could do to focus on 1 object after such a powerful experience, and there was NO way I was putting my face on camera because I had just finished the ugly face cry!!! LOL! I love you darling and am TRULY enjoying our relationship as it unfolds! Love Blessings!!!! Your “soul” sistar,

Estelle, WA, USA

Loving Estelle’s healing practice: http://www.lovingdivineguidance.com 


Jessica Crystal Joy Walker is a powerful healer. She helped start a clearing process for me a few weeks ago that is still going on, and I am grateful. Plus, she graciously continues to offer support as I go through my process. Thank you, Jessica! -C.T., Cleveland, TX, Spiritual teacher and coach


Wonderful Facebook Skype session with Jessica Crystal Joy Walker! Learned a lot in one hour of energy work! I feel great!  I’m very grateful, will consider hiring your wonderful services as soon as I am able to precious! they honestly feel amazing!!  Thanks Jess!! -M.O.,  Mexico


Thanks for the tip Jessica Crystal Joy Walker! (She shared her knowledge of) Gentle morning bija mantras to open up your chakras and ease you into your day. – C.C., Oakland, CA, Relationship coach


I was super impressed with (Jessica Crystal Joy). I have been extremely mindful ever since you were over. And re enforced once you agreed to (the) present (moment)!  I am full of gratitude for the beautiful weather, for my family, for getting to see my son in from Spain before he heads to Cambodia next and just overall living in the present moment (thank you Jessica! )-T.D., Houston, TX, Office manager


I am good today. Sleep great last night. Feel like this will be  worth the effort! -S.A., Houston, TX, Full time Mom


I want to thank you so much for all of the help you have given me!!!  I have been practicing the homework. The following classes sound spectacular! I am so excited! Thank you so very much for helping me and understanding! Thank you, thank you, thank you! -M.H., Houston, TX, Artist


Thank you so much!!! I felt a real shift in how I hold my own energy a more direct creation if that makes sense. Your awareness of how others are directing their energy goes beyond intuitive to highly gifted each moment I drifted or brought it back you knew the instant I directed it. I’m grateful that your stepping into this teacher role for I see you touching many lives, expanding and expanding. Yeah I was nervous at first but the space you hold is so full of acceptance it was natural for me to shift in it. Thanks again! -A.B., Arlington, TX, Artist


Our conversation yesterday felt empowering. You are inspirational to me. Thank you for being you, and for choosing to be love. -A.F., Houston, TX, Business Analyst


Jessica possesses a warmth and intelligence that make her a natural communicator and natural facilitator for working with the energies and modalities contained within the broad term, “tantra.” In our session, done distance over a Skype call, she equipped me with several techniques that left me feeling soothed and grounded. Her approach centers around self-empowerment; she lead me to be able to feel, experiment with, and begin to optimize the personal energy that I experience in my individual body. Jessica is gentle, funny, and open, and at the same time once we focus on an exercise, I am able to place my trust in her confidence and know-how. -Jared Domenico

Jared’s healing practice website: http://www.jareddomenico.com/


Also, I would love to continue working with you! I got a lot out of our first session. I’d like to honor what we learn in our sessions, and I recognize that I have a lot of releasing on multiple levels (emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, energetic) that I will get the most benefit from if I work with multiple methodologies. I would like to work with you to connect with the emotional, spiritual, and energetic planes of my being.

Thanks again for being an angel! -M.G., Houston, TX, Musician


Thank you so much for the wonderful introduction to Tantric Yoga, connecting, and journeying with each other.  Your open joyful nature is so endearing that I felt more relaxed with the exercises than I would have otherwise. -N, Houston, TX


Jessica, It was fun and insightful listening to you (present your Tantric workshop). -J


Jessica, even though I’m not a touchy feely person I enjoyed your class. Your energy is so refreshing. -A.D., Wylie, TX, Full time Mom


Thank you for your wonderful workshop. You really made us face ourselves. -A.L., Katy, Texas, Henna artist and Creative Director


Jessica, Thank you so much for sharing your Tantric knowledge. Thank you for sharing you and your energetic self!- R.


Jessica, Thank you so much for (teaching me the) OK Corral. I definitely will be practicing it more often. -B.J., Atascocita, TX, Substance Abuse Counselor and Aromatherapist



Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gift with us today.  In honesty, I have never truly felt energy work as profoundly or intimately as I did with your guidance.  You are doing the work that you are destined for and the world is a better place for it. Your work on this path is life-changing for so many people Namaste. -L, Galveston, TX


Thank you for sharing your energies and knowledge. – T.


Jessica, thank you for sharing yourself and your passion for Tantra. Beautiful!! -A.


I recently had a session with Jessica. I am often in a state of confusion as to what to do and where to go. I am a dreamer, and have a lot of concepts of what I would like to do, but struggle in bridging the gap between the dream and my physical life. Jessica was very clear and concise when speaking to me. She allowed herself to have a clear understanding of what I was struggling with before suggesting anything. She was very understanding and it felt very good to be heard. We journeyed together to a new place of healing as I felt safe and trusting of my environment. Through the meditations she led me through, I was able to ground into my body. I realized that what I am truly needing and wanting in my life is to ground my spiritual experiences into my physical dimension and that the stress I experience, is me struggling to feel safe where I am. Since our appointment, I have made strides in doing what I truly love and have been better able to sync my spiritual truth with my physical experience. I am very grateful to Jessica for holding space with me by offering her strengths and sharing her wisdom. Jessica is very grounded and understanding. It was nice to share time with such a wonderful person. Since the session, I have been more balanced and focused. There are seeds of clarity where I once had confusion. I look forward to having a session with Jessica, again!

Kady C. Dunsmuir, CA


Towards the beginning of the stress reduction session with Jessica I could feel a deep, cool relaxation in my lower back area. Then Jessica lead me through an exercise that allowed me to use my voice to create my new reality from my future which felt very valuable. Afterward through a series of questions I connected viscerally to the awareness that I did not own my value….something I had been working on at an intellectual level. I then realized that what I was owning instead was worthlessness. This was a huge gift because making this connection gave me the reference point to go deeper and shift this erroneous belief. Jessica is very gentle, caring and intuitive and I highly recommend her services.

Wendy Y, Houston, Texas


Transforming The World With Your Creative Gifts


Dear Jessica, I had such a great time on our Skype call, thank you
very much! First off I want to say that being able to enjoy your
services through the convenience of Skype, rather than having to find
a time and place to meet (often a challenge with my lifestyle), was
critical and quite fantastic. I am also very impressed with your
ability to convey your expertise and have such a profound effect on my
relaxation even though we weren’t in person! The medium definitely did
not limit the effectiveness of the session. I felt deeply relaxed
right away and throughout the call, felt that we got to the very heart
of what troubles me and creates stress in my life. I gained so much
value from the self-reflection and I’m very grateful. I hope you have
all the success with your work, because you truly are talented!
Looking forward to working with you again soon. – Juniper, Houston TX
– www.juniperfiredancer.com www.youtube.com/user/juniperala


I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Jessica Walker. I found the session well paced and I loved the way Jessica allowed me to tell my story as I felt her really listening, and then with such flawless authenticity she lead into using oracle cards as a tool to enable me to have my situation reflected back to me. It was a more fun and creative way to paraphrase than using just words. Using Skype did not change the amazing energy I felt. Jessica used closed and open questions to help me to hone in and delve deeper into my situation. Jessica also shared her knowledge about higher agreements which I totally resonated with. She was open enough to share some personal examples to explain her point but she didn’t dominate and lead it into me share my own examples. I loved the way Jessica summarized using the oracle cards. Throughout my session I felt amazing energy and rapport and I felt Jessica’s passion. I would highly recommend Jessica for anyone who wants the space to reflect on an area or areas they need a greater perspective.

Joanne Lovett Coach https://www.facebook.com/expansionisthewaybusiness https://www.facebook.com/expansionistheway LovettJoanne@yahoo.co.uk


I really enjoyed my session with Jessica. Her soothing voice and guided imagery helped me open up and reveal areas in my life that are causing me stress. She is a great listener and the feedback I got from her was eye opening. The relaxation exercises were a special treat that I look forward to practicing. –Rose S., Houston, TX


Jessica was like a camera lens, helping me bring in a strong focus into clarifying my own words.
Triggered from a recent interpersonal relationship conflict, I found myself experiencing autonomic body responses that contained terror from old memory sources.
Jessica’s focus allowed me to access my breath at a time of personal anxiety in a way I knew, but was not doing successfully.
Her choice of language captured me quickly into real time focus which was grounding and calming.
She then identified specific areas for me focus mindful work based on my self talk.
I found her ability to see the big picture while being extremely attentive to details very on point.
While I had done a lot of other work around the issue and had many skills to transition, Jessica’s support helped me stop wandering around in free floating mode while continuing to process at a time of huge transition.
–  Bonnie fireUrchin Lambourn
 Facilitator – BIOLUMINOSITY Transformational Movement Experiences / “UNdance” & Visual Artist; Leverett, MA
I found Jessica to be a gracious, gentle spirit.
She checks for understanding and asks permission to go deeper which creates a supportive counseling session.
With clear communication and light-heartedness she led me in ways to go into my uncomfortable places, where i can grow.
I now feel more excited and motivated about my life’s dream as we created a clear vision.
I also recognize Jessica’s counseling is helping me to prioritize, something that is a real value for me.
Simplicity L, Houston, TX Yoga teacher
“Jessica’s work is soothing and positive to those in need of comfort. She provides a safe place to reconnect you to your heart and feelings. She can help you release the darker emotions that block movement of your energy and assist you in relaxing deeply and feeling freer.” Tina, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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