Jessica Crystal Joy is an experienced spiritual coach and speaker who has  natural intuitive abilities.  She has been actively participating, speaking, creating events, and coaching  in various spiritual communities across the nation for 7 years and most recently completed an all for you training in Mastery Systems. She is a yogi, raw foodist, Mastery Systems student, Light Language student, and angel communicator. Through these personal practices she brings a focus of these skills to each session:
*Clear communication with focused intent
*More than 10 years of experience of working with energy
*A healthy mind/body providing a clear channel and conduit for your healing, growth, clarity
*Toolbox of various techniques, systems, and methods to bulldoze past your roadblocks
*Advanced ability to pull in divine intuition and guidance and translate that information in way that makes sense to you!
*A shinning light who is consistently growing and fine-tuning her light, educating and leading by example

Jessica Crystal Joy is a Certified Intuitive Angel Guide (IAG)as well as a Level 1 Certified Tantra Educator.

If you are interested in experiencing a session with me, sign up for a FREE coaching session, a $99 value today! Make a commitment to investing in your health and well being! Contact me via email at jessicacrystaljoy@gmail.com or call me at (832) 356-8842 to schedule your free session!


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