Work with Me

Are you experiencing any of these roadblocks to your relaxed, thriving life?

*Extreme pain in your body
*Continually moving in circles and unclear about how to get out
*Feeling sick and tired of being stuck and clueless of how to get unstuck
*Anger and frustration at people not hearing and respecting your voice and ideas
*Your future seems bleak and you have no vision for where your life is going in the next year or five years
*Stressed and over whelmed by overcoming your roadblocks
*Disconnected and hurt in your current romantic and personal relationships

Say yes to reducing your stress and yes to investing in your relaxed, thriving life! Contact me via email at or call me at (832) 356-8842 for a free stress reducing call.  This 30 minute call is a 90 dollar value!

In this session you will be provided with a clear roadmap from your depressing, stressful, hurt life into your relaxing, loving abundant, thriving life. You will also be given a prescribed program based on your individual needs and desires to best upgrade your current life.

Here is a success story, more can be found under the testimonial page:

“Jessica possesses a warmth and intelligence that make her a natural communicator and natural facilitator for working with the energies and modalities contained within the broad term, “tantra.” In our session, done distance over a Skype call, she equipped me with several techniques that left me feeling soothed and grounded. Her approach centers around self-empowerment; she lead me to be able to feel, experiment with, and begin to optimize the personal energy that I experience in my individual body. Jessica is gentle, funny, and open, and at the same time once we focus on an exercise, I am able to place my trust in her confidence and know-how. -Jared Domenico

Jared’s healing practice website:

“I want to thank you so much for all of the help you have given me!!!  I have been practicing the homework. The following classes sound spectacular! I am so excited! Thank you so very much for helping me and understanding! Thank you, thank you, thank you! -M.H., Houston, TX”

“Wonderful Facebook Skype session with Jessica Crystal Joy Walker! Learned a lot in one hour of energy work! I feel great!  I’m very grateful, will consider hiring your wonderful services as soon as I am able to precious! they honestly feel amazing!!  Thanks Jess!! -M.O.,  Mexico”

Sessions are provided in three formatted options:

1. In person for those in the surrounding Houston area
3.Skype video conference

If your heart says yes sign up for a FREE coaching session, a $99 value today! Make a commitment to investing in your health and well being! Contact me via email at or call me at (832) 356-8842 to schedule your free session!


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