Language Upgrade



One of the results that my clients receive from my coaching session is an upgrade of choice in their life. Being relaxed and fully present to their emotions allows them to see more than one choice they can follow in their careers, their relationships, their spiritual growth, and their overall well being. Apart of that growth is recognizing when something no longer serves them, or something that no longer aligns with them and to listen intently to what their heart says is their new highest choice.


I am the type of coach where I get to experience my upgrades first, and then through doing my own work I am able to easily support my clients to move into their next choice having already done it.  I have experienced an upgrade in my personal coaching business and how I choose that to look like and what that entails.  I started out trained in only Tantra Yoga and was focused on bringing deeper connection and love to women both single and in a relationship.  As I am now certified in Angelic communication and trained in conscious language and sacred body translations I have upgraded into a coach where I am able to holistically support my clients. I now transform glitches in their mental, physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual self and with that my business name of Love, Joy, Tantra no longer served or expressed exactly what I do.


So now my coaching business name is my personal name, Jessica Crystal Joy. From here my current and potential clients automatically get to see me for who I am and what I serve and connect with my energy starting with my name. With this I am more transparent and connected to those who I serve.

I leave this blog with one last thought and challenge to those who come across this. The next time you are aware that something you were attached to is no longer in alignment with who you are, notice the feelings that are coming up and breath and finally, let that be okay and see what magic transpires out of that.


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