Session Exchange


One of the things I love to do is exchange my services with other professionals. I am able to experience others talents, see how others set up their sequencing and pace, and I get to connect and build friendships with really cool people with varying personalities.

Yesterday I had a fabulous opportunity to provide a session exchange with a well versed and experienced astrologer based in the Houston area. I loved being able to support her to fully relax and see her transition through her relaxed face, her deeper calmer voice, and her beautiful smile.  As we continued our session I provided a safe supportive space for her to open to new insights that came to her after she allowed herself to relax.

I was supported by her reading to receive various confirmations and new details to my current trajectory in life. From romantic situations to finances to family, everything she mentioned about my reading was something I already had a general idea about. She then took that and was able to give me specific ideas to focus on or awareness I could bring to the situation when these experiences show up.  Her expertise is  the 7th house which focuses on relationships and she explains everything very well. She makes sure that you’ve gotten all the information you can in your chart by the end of the reading. Check out her website if you’re curious about where your relationships will go:


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