Welcome to Jessica Crystal Joy!

Hello readers,

Thank you for taking your time to view my site. My name is Jessica Crystal Joy and I am a spiritual coach and speaker based in Kingwood, Texas.  I work with all types of people and my main focus is to work with women.  The people I work with have a strong desire to relax and reclaim their body. They might be going through physical dis-eases related to stress and hating their body, they might be experiencing a lack of sleep due to the inability to relax, or they might be ready to take the first step into loving their bodies and becoming a fully confident and thriving individual in their own skin and life.

What I do is educate, support, and give my clients experiential tools that upgrade their old state of being. This allows them to receive total and full relaxation during our time together as well as mental and muscle memory understanding of how they can bring this into their life on a day to day basis. Once a person is fully relaxed and comfortable feeling all their feelings(no judgement involved), than they have a fuller range of emotions that they experience and feelings that they are aware of. With this awareness my clients have more understanding of where they are in the range on their day to day lives. While fully relaxed they have more oxygen, ram in their hard drive aka mind, and time to assess where they are in the present moment and what they choose to direct themselves into next.

I support my clients in various ways, from a one on one coaching session, to a full healing session where the client can sit back and give to themselves a full time of rejuvenation and relaxation, to speaking at workshops and retreats where many people can get an introductory sense of what thriving really feels in their bodies, to working with companies providing a quantum leap into their next successful plan.

If after reading this and your heart is saying yes, I’d love to experience more contact me at jessicacrystaljoy@gmail.com to set up a free introductory appointment!


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